Wednesday, June 20, 2007

that was then / this is now

:: then ::
first day of kindergarten
awake at 5:30
out the door at 8:30
giddy excitement (her)
nervous excitement (me)
lots of hand squeezing (with her sister)
shy smiles (to new friends)
hoping we were right
trying to hold on
trying to let go

:: now ::
last day of kindergarten
awake at 6:30
out the door at 7:40
nervous excitement (her)
giddy excitement (me)
lots of hand squeezing (with her friends)
confident smiles (to her sister)
knowing we were right
trying to hold on
trying to let go

school's out for summer


Mama said...

That was beautiful... So well said. Happy summer! First grade's incredible, you know (my favorite!).

carol said...

congrats to the newly titled "1st grader"-

Happy summer!

Alicia A. said...

What a wonderful comparison. Hope the school year was all she hoped it would be.

Congrats to you both for making it!

hannah said...

oh that was fast! enjoy those long lazy days by the pool friend.

sally said...

Hooray for a wonderful school year for E! Enjoy your summer! =)

Mama Urchin said...

I'm so glad that now, at the end of the year, you are pleased with your decision for public school.

kate said...

Oh, that's such a beautiful way to desribe what we, too, just went through. I can't believe how much my daughter blossomed during kindergarten. Night and day. Can't wait for first grade!

stephanie said...

in a blink of the eye, no?

enjoy the freedoms of summer, sweet e!

erin said...

well put, tracy! happy summer!

emily said...

that is beautiful! what a wonderful way to mark a very emotional occasion. your words evoke my own feelings at the end of my son's kindergarten year (and again, this year, after first grade - will it ever change?).

leslie said...

pure poetry! thanks for that! i needed it!

Blair said...

such beautiful reflections on such a monumental year. Yay for 1st grade! Happy summer!

petite gourmand said... nicely said.
I can't even imagine the mixed bag of feelings I'll experience once lulu starts school for the first time.
fortunately I have a couple of years to mull it over.
then again does nursery school in september count as school?

kritty said...

I love that! Well put :)