Monday, October 08, 2007

a little rumpled

a little rumpled

my mom always ironed our sheets. in fact i think she ironed everything she could. (didn't you?) she always loved ironing. i think the fact that she would set up near the family room where she could watch my brother and i was likely part of it. that and the warm good smell (you know what i mean) and the repetitive motion of it all. and really - is there anything better than tucking into freshly pressed sheets?

given that - i don't iron our sheets. i am lucky if my family goes out the door these days with their shirts ironed. (sorry d!) we are all looking a little rumpled lately. a little tired. it seems we are right back in the throes of the school year, and as is the way, it is flying by. (september where did you go??) i have requests for halloween costumes (dorothy and alice please "mom, they are sisters don't you think?") and a dining room table covered COVERED with pta "stuff" and half finished sewing projects. (dining room table where did you go??) and we are halfway done landscaping the front yard. (must say saturday spent at a plant sale and working the dirt did feel very good.)

then you have the long awkward pauses between awkward and pretty mundane blog posts. and my neglect of two green chickens and sewgreen.

this week i am going to try and establish a rhythm to it all. like that of my mom's ironing i hope. warm and good and with a gentle sway. i love the cooler temps that have finally arrived. and feel the timing is right to re-balance things.

and so, as a start, i will fall back on the exercise of documenting my week. (inspired as usual by carol.) no words. just pics.

enjoy yours. how is your fall rhythm?

(oh and the bunny on the bed - made with love by sam. for k. because when e got this for her birthday k fell in love... thanks hon!)


Mama Urchin said...

I'm still working on the rhythm, it's hard to get it right.

melissa f. said...

my mom was adamant about teaching us how to iron properly. it has *nearly* gone to waste in my life.

my rythmn is involving a lot of chocolate-- i can't recommend it highly enough

nan said...

Snap, we're doing our yard too! We just installed some fairies for good luck. And I'm ashamed to say that our iron is used exclusively for sewing projects (I kid you not). Hope this makes you feel a little better!

emily said...

love the doll. please, won't you share once you've "found" the rhythm. still looking for my own here, too, and would love to see what another's looks like.

Blair said...

it really is a misconception that time will find itself for us once the school year starts up again, isn't it? I have found myself double booked 2 times in the last week, having the very best of intentions to make it all work, then realizing I just haven't found my stride yet. Hoping you find yours (which you will). xo

Chara Michele said...

Every so often I try ironing the sheets and then I realize why I don't normally... :)

I hope you find your rhythm!

angelique said...

I have never ironed a sheet in my life, but it was funny that I happened to read your post after doing some other (smaller-scale) household ironing upstairs! I'm having a hard time finding my fall rhythm too. Today's ironing was an antidote to a recalcitrant project and I think I just wanted to get the wrinkles out of something. Hope you work yours out. xo