Tuesday, October 02, 2007


my gift to myself. by stephanie. upon opening the box i was so struck by the beauty and simplicity of this. it actually took my breath away. it feels to good to hold. the power of handmade. can't be replicated.

and sitting on my new chair - so good as well. (cross number 11 off my list!)


BunkleLife said...

So great! I just made a 'shroom from that book of mini sewn toys - but this one takes the cake!

melissa f. said...

beautiful! i need a list. with six months to go i should make it a little shorter maybe.

Mama Urchin said...

Such a beautiful gift! We should all treat ourselves to something like that once in a while.

this single spark said...

That it the loveliest thing. I agree about the power of handmade items.

Hope you are well, my friend. xo

this single spark said...

Oh, byt the way, we have those chairs here at the hospital. The entire lecture theatre is made up of the hot pink version of them. The originals! I tried to get a few, but someone figured out what they are worth and they've been selling them on eBay... out of my price range. Dang! Very, very cool

molly said...

it's lovely.