Monday, January 14, 2008



I have been trying to get the girls to stand still long enough to photograph the matching nightgowns I made them for Christmas. My mom always had a new nightgown waiting for me under the tree Christmas eve, and it is a tradition I am trying to keep up. They are of the softest Moda flannel with pink rick-rack, and oh so cozy.{Little better look at them here.}

I did get them to sit still long enough to cut their hair last night. An inch of K's and three off E's. I have been trying to do this on my own, in an effort to be more frugal. I do think I am getting better, but wonder if anyone has a good set of haircutting instructions out there? I am so lucky they both have curly hair! {Do I remember correctly that there was a guide to children's haircuts in Martha Stewart Kids way back when...)

Happy Monday!

update: the nightgowns were based on Burda 9766 - and haircutting tips are in the MS Kids Spring 2002 issue {thanks Sarah!}


leslie said...

i cut my girls hair too. liz is ez (in fact i had to cut just one side one day and about a week later cut the other side and you couldnt even tell it was half done her hair is so curly). emily's is harder because it is straight. maybe one good cut a year and then you can do your own trims would work best. oh and about two years ago we did the "locks for love" with emily's pony tail. it was really neat to see her being so generous with her hair. not sure about the martha stewart article, but now i am curious to look it up.

movingarden said...

The nightgown is beautiful! What a great idea. I really need to get on this, because my little one keeps asking for one ever since we read Peter Pan.

Anonymous said...

my grandma often did the pj thing for us as well.. i always wanted little house on the prairie style. so chic.

yes! i remember the martha article. they talked about cutting it dry, and twisting and cutting for curly hair. but that's all i remember.

house on hill road said...

cute nightgowns!

can't help you with the haircuts. i am way to chicken to cut my kids' hair.

Sarah said...

The article on haircuts is in the Spring 2002 issue of MS Kids. I don't have many of the Kids special issues but that one I do have. If you can't find it I'd be happy to copy the article and send it to you. You can contact me through Just let me know.

BunkleLife said...

very sweet & love the ric rak- can you make me one too? ;-)

emily said...

i'm making pjs for valentine's day. they were going to be for new year's eve, but alas. these nightgowns are precious. is it a pattern you would recommend?

and the hair. i used to cut my kids curly, curly hair. but i started to worry about messing up. so i don't anymore.

Mama Urchin said...

We do the nightclothes thing too. And you are very brave to cut their hair.

karen said...

You can also check your library for books on cutting hair, I've read one specifically on cutting kids hair and it's really helped with cutting my daughters hair -- it needs it often because she wants it long enough to pull back but just an inch past that and it becomes a tangled mess she can't handle.

And here I thought straight hair would be easier to cut that my daughters curly hair -- but I guess it does hide slight imperfections pretty well.