Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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busy preparing for valentine's day as i will be off to london all of next week. it is my first trip of any real length and distance away from my family - and i am struggling with mixed emotions. (daydreaming about a bath that lasts longer than 7 minutes, but also wishing i could share the sights and sounds of london with d and our girls...) our last trip there was with a 6 week old e. seems like a lifetime ago.

clearing off the kitchen table, and clearing my mind of travel worries, with the latest issue of american craft magazine. i gave myself a subscription for my birthday upon reading an article on its restyling by former dwell founding editor andrew wagner and i have loved both issues received so far. beautiful articles on heath ceramics and lenore tawney. (did i tell you we found a loom in the trash? must figure out how to work it...)

happy tuesday!

ack - just realised it is wednesday not tuesday! things will likely be quiet here for the next week or so. will try to check in from london... in the meantime, any not-to-be-missed suggestions? (i have all my favorite museums on my list, as well as, liberty, orla kiely, and the conran shop...)


shari said...

have fun tracy!

you should definitely stop by loop (for browsing) and persephone books.

btw, i've been wanting to check out american craft. now, you've inspired me to go pick up a copy. xo

Alicia A. said...

Ooooo... have so much fun, Tracy!

sally said...

Safe travels!!

amy h said...

I can't believe you found a loom in the trash!

I love London. Have fun! My favorite place wouldn't be any good this time of year: the rose garden in Regents Park.

lottie said...

have a great trip. if you get the chance to head over to the east, cheshire street off brick lane has some real gems including labour and wait. and skandium on marylebone highstreet is crammed with scandinavian beauty.

BunkleLife said...

Have a great time and safe travels - love love love London. And if you get a chance -
(my pal Maureen's sister's place)

laerooport said...

Safe journey! I could always count on finding some sort of treasure in the Covent Garden market on the weekends. I'm still wearing a hat I bought there in 1992! (Wow! that makes me old!) Cheers!

laeroport said...

Whoops, make that Camden Town. I am old. And senile.

leslie said...

oh to live in london, what a dream! i like the boring stuff, like cruising marks and spencer for a tv dinner and i loved wagamamas noodle bar (sp??) yum! take lots of photos and have fun, just walking the streets and parks is magical. oh and that loom!!!! i would die for it, maybe i can help you figure it out? hee hee....(sly sneaky laugh)

BunkleLife said...

(and ditto on wagamama!)

becky said...

Daisy and Tom on Kings Road. BEST KIDS SHOP EVER!!! (There's a little carousel inside the store!)
Also you MUST go to Lush for something girlie and nice smelling for that long bath.
HAve fun!