Monday, January 07, 2008

new year

the scarf i made my sister-in-law

new scarf for my sister-in-law

new banner and reading list for the blog

new outlook

live the way i want to live. here and now. {not dreaming we are elsewhere.} bring the life i want here. we are here. now.

think about the future. make a plan.

live 2008 consciously. seeing. thinking. breathing.

ok. perhaps a pretty hefty resolution. but you know what i mean.

(all that and stand up straighter.)


Kristina said...

Hear, hear ;o)

shari said...

so well said tracy. your resolution is particularly inspiring to me as i always feel a push/pull with moving. thank you for this reminder to be here now. hugs!

Mama Urchin said...

Quite a challenge but one worth taking.

Nan said...

Wow, those are some serious resolutions..I wish you well with them. I love all the new looks too.

Naomi said...

That quote is exactly how I feel about this new year. I've been searching for something to put it into words where I could not. You did a terrific job. =)

house on hill road said...

hefty, but made with great intent. you'll do it.

leslie said...

i said i wouldnt do the resolutions... but they seem to sneak in, dont they? i will try to tame my wanderlust (sp??) too.