Tuesday, January 22, 2008

glass half full

shinzi shadow

a lovely long weekend.

the gift of a decadent trip on my own to the opera. {five hours in length but not a moment too long}

sharing in the joy of a boy turning 5. {a perfect party in the park.}

witnessing my girl meeting a long-time love of my ownat my neice's 8th birthday party. {e wants to go skating again next weekend!}

rereading all of your kind and thoughtful comments. thank you so much. while my gramma will be missed - her memory lives on...

happy "monday".


BunkleLife said...

oooh envy you the opera!!

Mama Urchin said...

I'm envious too. How wonderful - the opera.

emily said...

don't you love those ice walker things they have now!?

and i've been meaning to say, after your post about your grandmother, how absolutely beautiful all four of you looked in that photograph. radiating love.

shari said...

love how you describe the opera. i've never been but would like to. xox

melissa f. said...

and happy wednesday to you! they were doing the forecast for l.a. on the news last night and it looks downright portland-ish. hopefully they were right!

leslie said...

oh i love that photo, so fun! glad you are feeling better. isnt it amazing to see your girls following in some of your footsteps? i love to see where their interests fall. fun stuff!