Wednesday, November 12, 2008

:: 9 ::

1. i am stubborn :: he often lets me get my way
2. i don't make friends easily :: they refer to him as "mr. friendly"
3. i break things :: he can fix anything
4. my multi-tasking drives the girls crazy :: he can focus on them and only them with ease
5. i am tall :: he is taller
6. i don't handle grief well :: he bears with me
7. i like men with strong hands :: he has strong hands
8. my favourite meal is breakfast :: he makes a mean "egg-in-the-hole"
9. i want to spend the rest of my days with him :: he seems to want to spend the rest of his days with me

happy anniversary honey. to 9 wonderful years. and to many many more.


melissa f. said...

happy nine, friends! i love those autumnal anniversaries.

emily said...

those are beautiful words, beautiful sentiments. wishing you many more nines.

lisa s said...

happy anniversary!
[mine makes a mean egg-in-the-basket too!]

BunkleLife said...

happy anniversary!!!

stephanie said...

a perfect match.

happy anniversary!!

shari said...

congrats to you two!

meg said...

so sweet. happy anniversary!

leslie said...

sweetness! i was thinking of you today. we REALLY need to get together sometime. i have mondays and wednesdays off, how is your schedule?

happy anniversary! i should add that my husband knows exactly when we met and married, i forget year after year... i think we are on about 12 years now? but he would know for sure!

Jennie said...

happy anniversary! I was just looking at some of your wedding photos I took - can't believe it was 9 years ago!!!
xx jennie

UNIFORM Studio said...

Happy Anniversary.
I like this list -you guys balance each other out.

amy h said...

Happy anniversary!