Monday, November 17, 2008

s t i l l

s t i l l : body (monday)

feeling uninspired and sluggish. can't stand the fact that it is mid-november and temperatures are in the 90s. my heart goes out to all dealing with the fires. the air quality in our neighborhood keeps us inside. which is ok in the fact that it is hot out anyway. it is snowing ash.

i miss winter.

i am drinking hot tea and trying to channel holiday thoughts while the fan blows cool air across the room.

some lovely s t i l l s here.

and thank you for your lovely anniversary wishes. we had a date. something we rarely do. it was really very nice! (thanks robyn for watching the kiddies!)


leslie said...

these fires are horrid. wondering if this will slow the development of every square inch of foothills though, fire is a natural phenomena in the mountains. we had a date night last night as well, a rare thing. instead of going to the movies as planned, we had dinner and watched cnn's excape from jonestown, pretty icky but a well done show. with no interruptions we were mesmerized.

this single spark said...

hmmm. temperature is so relative. went out last night with the dog and since it was only -3 C, mitts weren't necessary and i felt like it was such a beautiful evening. can't imagine a heat wave right now, or ashes instead of snow. i'm in full on curry and soup mode!

hope you perk up soon. will post some winter pics for ya!