Thursday, November 20, 2008

sew sew

hand in the bird

oh right. i like to sew.

trying to reacquaint myself with my machine, and get some holiday goodies together.

k had been asking for a "chicken jacket" for a while. i put this together last night on a hand-me-town hoodie. it's a little wonky to me. but i am pleased she likes it. this morning she told me she was "totally happy" (yes my gals are true valley girls!). that it is chick-a-dee.

what to do next?..


amy h said...

It's not wonky at all! It's, like, totally super cute and stuff.

Samantha said...


Jenna said...


petite gourmand said...

I love that- so cute.
Speaking of poultry...happy thanksgiving!

sam lamb said...

i love it! so, so cute!