Thursday, January 15, 2009

::for love::

Mildred "Connie" Bettelheim Constantine 1913 - 2008

Those who know me well know the profound inspiration I found in my relationship with this woman.

As well as my unwavering love of Campari. Straight. In a tumbler, please.

Cheers to an amazing life


hannah said...

oh yes. you can see the amazing in these photographs.

this single spark said...

oh my goodness. when i saw the photos, i knew what the post was about. i'm so sorry that you've lost another wonderful person, but we always have to rejoice in in a good life lived. it sounds like she lived her's to the fullest.

love and a big hug to you, my dear.

leslie said...

wow, so inspiring!

Jennie said...

So sorry to hear she has passed away! Such an amazing and indomitable personality. I know you will really miss her.
love j!