Friday, January 23, 2009


not a knitter

i do not really consider myself a knitter. more of a yarn-lover. i do enjoy knitting and have found myself picking up my needles more often as of late. my grandmother was always knitting. my mom learned from her grandfather and spent time over the holidays teaching her granddaughter.

i gravitate to ease. so these toast mitts (beginnings in the photo above and finished in the photo posted below) were a perfect fit. (thank you friend!) and completed with a yummy merino/silk i picked up at purl when i was last in ny. (do not be intimidated by the number of needles. these are easy to do!)

i have just joined ravelry (inspired by rosa's cowl) and have a list of things in my queue.

inspiration abounds. perhaps a sweater is in my future?


Mama Urchin said...

Look for me (mamaurchin) on ravelry and we can be friends, your username must be something I'm not gussing!

a friend to knit with said...

your grandmother was quite lovely. glad you are knitting like her.

friendtofriend on ravelry. and YES you TOO can make a sweater!!! :)

Gwendolen said...

oh, and I'm ship shape on ravelry!! yay!

Craig said...

I knit a VERY tight, short red dress (with pink buttons) for my sister's baby tender love for her birthday. She never took it off.

emily said...

maybe i'm the same sort of knitter you are? because now i have a second pair of toast mitts on my needles - this time in child-size.

sam lamb said...

ahh - ravelry. so addictive and yet so inspiring!