Friday, September 25, 2009

counting to 39


39 pencils in our "junk drawer"
39 steps down the sidewalk
39 sips from the water glass
39 inches around my hips
39 minutes to the hour
39 dollars (and change)in my wallet
39 blueberries with our waffles
39 chapters in the book
39 th parallel through California
39 degrees the high today
39 multiplied by 1 (me) is 39

39 years since i was born

(this is harder than i thought. i'm stopping now to enjoy my day.)


lisa s said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY fellow libra.... me on tuesday!
go celebrate!!

house on hill road said...

happy happy birthday tracy! i hope you have a wonderful day!

BunkleLife said...

Happy Happy Birthday T - I hope it is 39 times more wonderful than you could even hope!! ;)


Jennie said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday!! 39 is a great year! xj

krisel keeper said...

you and your bootie make 39 look like 29!!!

Leslie said...

Happy birthday! Glad we are friends!!!

amy h said...

Happy birthday!

rebecca said...

Eeps! You don't check in here for a couple of days and you miss a birthday!! Jeff was actually the one who told me. :) Isn't it sweet to know the husband's a reader? Hope you had a fabulous day, and that the year is, of course, awesome too!

Big hugs!