Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my mom would be so proud

my first macrame project.

my mom would be proud

a rope for our bell. (our signal to the kids that its time to come home and get ready for bed!)

makes me recall all those great macrame items from my 70s childhood. (like this, this and even this.)

i have told my neighbours that macrame is hot right now. really. but they don't seem to believe me. maybe its over and i missed it? (i do see a wall hanging in my future though. sorry d.)

loving this book. (found via lena corwin)


BunkleLife said...

Long live the macrame plant hanger! ;)

krisel keeper said...

I love it! And I know it's not out. You are actually ahead of the curb but I've seen some European things that tell me its making a come back. I thought of you when I was looking at pics at home. I just dont dig it. Like jellies, its not a thing I got into or will get into. But I love it on you cause you make so much look so good.

Béa Onyourbikesunshine said...

nice! love your fence too.