Monday, September 28, 2009

planting ideas

i always know that there will be good finds at the goodwill when i find a stack of vintage sunset books ... got me thinking about our garden.

sunset '53

it is cooler (only in the 90s!) and a holiday from school, so we have spent the day working in the yard. thinking about fall - and all the goodness it brings to our garden.


i took a bunch of succulent cuttings from a neighbor in exchange for tending her garden while she went on elderhostel to san francisco. i let them dry out and have stuck them in the ground - safely away from the chickens. (still want to go for a succulent wall. found the perfect foundation for it.)

thanks for all the bday wishes. it was well spent visiting theodore payne with two of my favourite people. then with those i love most eating at a new favourite restaurant. (love finding spots like this close to home.) then on to cake with my freighbours. i am a lucky girl.

happy fall!


rebecca said...

this reminds me of my wedding bouquet of succulents we picked from a garden in santa cruz. after the big day, i hardened off the stems and then planted them at our place in long beach. when we moved up to corvallis i did it all again. and now they're in a planter that sits on a skateboard and that gets moved in+out of the garage to avoid frost damage in the winter. i heart them and their everlasting ways.

krisel keeper said...

love the succulents! Wow!
hee hee. ur one of our faves to!