Monday, January 04, 2010


we are back home from more time at "our island". i was telling a friend that it is strange how i breath differently when we are there. how in many ways my soul feels at home there. much more than here. it is hard to explain. though, as i have said before, i strongly believe in our connection to places.

i had a bunch more i thought i would commit to the keyboard. resolutions and commitments to living better all around. but i have a nasty headcold. a pile of laundry waiting for me. and keep hitting the delete button.

so for now, happy new year. and a couple of pics of an early morning ferry crossing.



i have a good feeling about 2010.


Dina said...

Is it possible to "hear" serendity and peace? I think I can almost hear these things in your lovely photos. Welcome back and I've got the same good feelings.

BunkleLife said...

So beautiful. So wonderful that you have this wonderful place to connect with.

Leslie said...

Funny how the years roll by and we still haven't hooked up! Will 2010 be the magic year? Haha! Welcome home.

krisel keeper said...

well, i know those connections are strong. Its why im here. but for selfish reasons im hoping the island doesnt call too loud for a bit. its good to have you back.

lisa s said...

happy new year tracy. i hope you are feeling better today!