Friday, January 29, 2010

thank you

for your kind words and guidance. it is very much appreciated.

sweet potato frites

no news yet. we were interviewed, poked and prodded (rather i was interviewed and e was poked...) and will have a consultation again next week to go over the results - and to talk about a plan.

the removal of wheat from our diet though has appeared to make a great difference. the hives have disappeared. so i think my instinct was correct.

red lentil soup

and now i am starting to get excited about the new way we will be looking at food. i am really going to try and make more from scratch - and i think in turn that will eliminate a lot of wheat items from our diet. my neighbor and i even threw around the idea this morning of a neighborhood co-op where each particpant provides one homemade item a month. (something like what d's cousin is doing up in the bay area but on a much more local level.) so far i have her down for her amazing black beans, and i can take granola...

we need to work on this!

(all this isn't really new. i started this a couple of years ago in reaction to our trader joe's addiction... i hope to start documenting our food more carefully over there again soon.)

happy friday!


this single spark said...

Food allergy makes total sense. O's sister-in-law has been going through the same thing for about a year, with very similar sounding symptoms. And I broke out in hives twice after eating kiwi, so I've cut those out completely.

Have also been thinking about food a lot lately. Far too many things going through my brain to put down here. But if you ever want to chat, you've got my number!

xo C.

this single spark said...

By the way, totally impressed by your shift in mindset between Monday and Friday. Life isn't always the adventure we think it's going to be!

lisa s said...

oh - i'm so sorry to hear about poor e and her hives... so glad that there seems to be a solution [and i have never really thought of flour as processed. eyes opening wider....]