Monday, January 04, 2010

there and back again

seasons greetings from the woods

what we did:
taught k to play backgammon
walked in the woods
worked on my firestoking technique
slept til the sun rose (every morning except one)
ate on my grandmother's petit point china
worked on needlepoint
watched e make a perfect pie crust
listened to cbc radio and an audiobook of "the goose girl"

what we read:
a homemade life
the ice shirt
julie and julia
anne of the island
rapunzel's revenge
lots of ladybird books
the globe and mail

what we ate:
roasted parsnips and carrots grown locally
lots of oranges
pumpkin pudding
person in the snow (a dessert of k's invention involving chocolate and whipping cream)
old dutch potato chips

we are here.

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