Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new start (12 on 12th)

january 12, 2010
already?! wow.

I love an opportunity to prioritize and dream.
The new year always offers me that.

little pizzas to be
growing sprouts in jar

for 2010:
1. make more (most) of our food from scratch. goodbye trader joe's and all your convenience and hello...
2. farmer's market. i'll visit on thursday mornings. i have been trying to attend sunday's - and we just don't make it. this will be part of my new routine.
3. what i can - i'll grow. i have a stack of seeds on our dining room table - and two bags of compost ready to add to our beds. winter is really the best time to garden in socal.
4. make lemons out of lemonade. inside of grumbling about it being 72 F in january, be thankful for the lettuce we can grow this time of year - and the beautiful lemons on our little lemon tree.
5. continue looking after myself. i so enjoyed my pilates sessions. but it doesn't meet with the new budget (see number 6.) so i'll find another way. quickly!
6. fine tune our budget. and stick to it.
7. paint the house. and install baseboards.
8. record our progress weekly. over here.
9. spend the summer (the whole summer) on the island. (and avoid those triple digit temps that get me down - helping again with number 4.)
10. read the books i have.
11. never let our cookie jar be empty. a cookie makes everyone smile.
12. smile more. i'm going to be 40 this year :)


BunkleLife said...

Great list Tracy (and the baseboards one made me laugh - I think we've both been meaning to do that for the last 4 years or so?!!)
Here's to 2010. And if you find something to replace the Reformer in your life, please do tell, because that is killing my bank account too...!

this single spark said...

The painting is the one I can relate to. Our entirely yellow house has got to go!!! Not that yellow isn't a happy colour and so good in the middle of winter... its just a bit much...

And smile more. Gotta do that! :]

lisa s said...

great list. we have to paint the house too...

40? no way. exciting!

Tonya said...

That number 10 of yours is a hard one. I am always seeing new books I could definitely make a "need" for in my life. But, I too have decided that I have books I have not even read yet. Or have realized when I pick them up again that I am still a "queen" of unfinished projects:)

emily said...

i love your list. especially making more of your own food and spending the whole summer on the island. yes please. i do hope you'll share more of your food-making adventures, particularly as they relate to shifting over from trader joe's. please?

LobotoME said...

love your list! lots similar to mine - except for the weather difference. i'm in colorado and it is COLD and SNOWING and gardening is the furthest thing from my mind until May! ;)