Monday, March 29, 2010


i didn't mean to be away so long. a lot has been going on. we planted 200 more shrubs and trees at the girls school. we've added soccer and tennis to violin and all of a sudden our fairly unscheduled family finds itself running on a fairly tight schedule. life is full. but no complaints.

and now spring break. and a long deep breath. and the first real trip to the beach of the season.

i will add a trip to the beach with a group of people i love. my friends and neighbours and people who sometimes i forget how lucky i am to have. i complain a lot about living here*. too much. i forget the good and get bogged down in the bad. i have been thinking about it a lot lately. sometimes it takes the eyes of someone new to a place to remind you of what you have. this lady has me thinking about my first days here. how magical i found it. and how much time i spent at the beach. how lucky we are to live in such a glorious place. i'm thinking about my place here now. about the amazing group of people who look after me and my family on a daily basis. who live around me and with me. who really, i can't imagine life without. how lucky i am to live in such a glorious place.

beach day
beach day
beach day
beach day

happy spring!. good pesach! happy easter!
i am counting my many blessings.

*please forgive me next time i complain. i know i will. these halcyon days of 80 degree weather are turning me into a summer lover. i must remember it is only spring!

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krisel keeper said...

we love you and feel lucky to have YOU. We'll make it through the heat together. Thank you for being such a great friend and neighbor.