Tuesday, March 02, 2010

here we grow again

here we grow again.

half started in the house in origami pots - half directly sown.

Kale Squire
Baby Mesclun Lettuces "Cut and Come Again"
Japanese Spinach "Oriental Giant"
Nasturtium "Fiesta Blend"
Dill "Bouquet"
Swiss Chard "Red and White Mix"

Pea "Sugar Snap"
Flowering Vine "Purple Hyacinth Bean" (this is actually to cover a trellis by the shed)
Butterfly Snapdragons "Chantilly"
Climbing Nasturtiums "Spitfire"
Container Tomato "Super Bush"
Cantaloupe "Hearts of Gold"

Still looking for a pole bean - and some artichoke plants. (the chooks destroyed our huge one. so sad!) D has also build a larger bed that I plan on using as a cut-flower garden - as dictated by the girls who have a habit of picking every flower they can for the dinner table. I am also going to try more lettuces in an old wine crate as microgreens. (I have been sprouting in a jar but thought I'd try in dirt as I read it is safer.)

I am even more unsure what I am doing this time. I have had no luck with greens in our summer garden. This was to be our winter garden - but I got delayed building a fence to keep the chooks out. We will see what happens. The mesclun is coming in nicely - I just hope it lasts a while.

I am trying to stick to the notion of only growing what we will eat. I find it tricky. All those seed packets thrill me!

How does your garden grow?


BunkleLife said...

yum! nasturtium leaves ...mmmm....
good luck with it, such a thrill to watch things grow.

rebecca said...

oh, we're getting ready... in my brain at least! but i have yet to do anything beyond stare and pull the occasional weed. we're going to have to do something about the every-now-and-then free roaming chickens who love to hunt in the winter-vacant raised beds. they weren't outside like that when the beds were full last year. it's going to be serious trouble if i don't come up with a plan to keep them out.

Julia Posey said...

Hi Tracy,

The seedlings look lovely. I've been following your blog after being introduced by Green Frieda. I love visiting.

In my garden, we have a mesclun lettuce mix finally taking hold and fava beans (among other plants).

I would love to hear more about your work with your local school. I'm working on something similar in northeast Los Angeles. I would love to hear about your experiences.

this single spark said...

my garden is under three feet of snow. but I'm dreaming!