Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a new habit

a new habit

i am very excited to be participating in this space for the month of april. it is one of my favourites in the big old internet. come visit.



rebecca said...

in the words of annie, "i think i'm gonna like [seeing you] here!" i check in on habit daily - that's what it's for, right? and it gave me a happy rush to see that great papa and his girl sitting there on the grass.

heather smith jones said...

April was my month last year, I loved my time there. I'm sure you will too, yay! :)

krisel keeper said...

now im curious about the comfort zone you've stepped out of with soccer? si? is it like me and music?

RW said...

I am here because you are at habit.
Nice to meet you!

mama-pan said...

hi! found your blog through habit--lovely photos!! thanks for sharing.

jen j-m said...

just dropping by to tell you i am smitten with your words and photos at habit this month. thanks for sharing them.