Wednesday, May 19, 2010

miss moxie.

rules were discussed. a vote was held. complete with secret ballot. and it was unanimous. moxie is a keeper.

she's a great fit. a little goofy.
: )

and serious as needed.
she named her moxie

she came from a litter of chihuahua pups our friends' dog delivered a couple of months back. d has always been skeptical of a dog in the house. i have always been set on adopting - and wanted a puppy - mainly to help ensure a good relationship with the chooks. (i'll fill you in on how that is going later!) the timing was never right. until now.

the girls named her moxie. "'cause she has guts."

and d built her a fancy new bowl.

welcome miss moxie!


wise craft said...

look how cute! I love Moxie. I actually want Moxie, but wouldn't want to upset the girls.

krisel keeper said...

the pictures capture her perfectly!

BunkleLife said...

SO very very cute! A lucky little pup I'd say :)


Jennie said...

She is adorable!

Boracay beach resort said...

Can she get any cuter than that. She looks so cuddly and adorable. Thanks you for sharing.