Sunday, May 23, 2010

life is full. the sewing machine. idle.


french breakfast radishes


i have to say first off - i am loving our csa. more than i expected. and i expected it to be good. our meals are bringing me more pleasure than ever. and right now - are the heart of my day. a time to pause together, that we all seem to need.  (that, and i could spend my days taking photos of our bounty.)

i hate to admit - but i absolutely flaked on this. i haven't given up all hope. (though almost.) 

the school gardening gig i have taken on has taken me out of the house more than i expected. it is good. it is exciting. but it is also exhausting me. (alongside my "real" job that is also good and exciting right now.)

life is full.  we are blessed.  so it goes.



house on hill road said...

i love the title of this post. it really says it all.

TheKate said...

Your life is sounding delicious

leslie said...

i am hoping to get a school garden going at our school... scared of taking on another big committment though.