Monday, May 10, 2010


soccer has ended for now, and violin will close-up shop in a couple of weeks. i am so very much looking forward to the summer.

i tried to spend the week preparing for this. but didn't do much more than pull a bunch of patterns and fabric out of the cupboard. in any case, i have a project for my hour today - and am looking forward to the challenge.

and oh, right! we got a puppy! more soon on the newest addition to our family and menagerie. but for now, meet moxie. (she has plenty of it.)

miss moxie


rebecca said...

oh! hi moxie!! what a cutie. i bet she's going to LOVE the cabin in the woods. summer's a-comin'!

krisel keeper said...

my bets were on her staying.

BunkleLife said...

HEEEE!! Congrats & Yay Moxie! Someone looks chihuahua-ish?
Look forward to the back story there. And I'm guessing the chooks are not impressed ;)

house on hill road said...

hello moxie. aren't you cute?

Julia said...

SO adorable. i love little moxie!!

this single spark said...

good lord! the cuteness!!!

i'm bookmarking that pic for whenever i have a bad day.