Sunday, May 02, 2010

so very good.

hard to say goodbye to this habit. i have enjoyed the exercise so very much. stretching myself a bit. i hope. my favourite images:

habit 4

habit 6

habit 10

early a.m.

habit 12

of course the words change everything. bump it to a new place. you can find them over there if you care to look.

i hope i can keep it up. i tried a picture a day last year but found it began to be a chore - so different from a habit. i will try again without the pressure of everyday. just adding to the set.

thank you lovely ladies, for having me!


Suse said...

I loved your habit. Especially as it led me to your blog which is now a firm favourite.

house on hill road said...

it's hard to say goodbye, isn't it? i really enjoyed visiting you there, t.

lisa s said...

i hope you keep it up. i'm trying trying trying to

david said...

I loved your comments and photos there. did I mention i loved and saw the cowgirls one yesteray!

ps. this is Ang. Not Dave. I was signed in as him....

emily said...

oh i'm so sad to see you go from habit. it was lovely having you there. and your words about the images/words are so true. so true. xo.