Friday, November 12, 2010

long road to the old place

en route.

we celebrated eleven years today. eleven years since our wedding on a rooftop with those nearest and dearest to us dancing under the stars. eleven years of ups and downs and to-s and fro-s and long walks together. eleven years of defining "home" and "family" and "friend".

we celebrated at a new old favourite place. with our girls. such a part of our eleven years.

yep. i love you cowboy.

the old place


gwendolen said...

Congratulations on eleven years together! A decade + 1! Love the look of the old place! Cheers to you both, xo.

rebecca said...

happy anniversary you guys! that place looks like a lot of fun.


BunkleLife said...

11 - now you've reached the top level of the Spinal Tap volume dial, you know you've made it! ;) Happy Anniversary, you two!! xxj