Sunday, November 28, 2010

keeping cozy

we've had record low temperatures at night. it has finished up some of the veggies in the garden - but has also motivated me to get on with planting more winter crops :: brassicas in particular. not sure about my gourd. thinking it may end up a teeny tiny bird house. note to self to definitely plant earlier next year.

the girls still share the bottom bunk and the duvet cover - purchased when k first went to a "big bed" was completely thread-bare. i kept telling myself that i would make them each a quilt this summer. but i didn't. it is still on the "to do" list, but until then, i whipped up a simple new duvet cover out of two thrifted sheets. easy peasy. simply used the old one as a template. extra happy that the fabric matches the roll pillow i thrifted some years back.


cozy too.


back to school tomorrow. it has been a full and wonderful break. next stop: Hanukkah!


house on hill road said...

cozy is right!

emily said...

i've been feeling like my kids are chilly in their beds at night lately too. thinking about adding a blanket, but which one? sigh.

and hanukkah! sneaking right up. must get busy!

Kirsten said...

This just sealed the deal for me... learning to sew is now on my new year's resolution list! After scoffing at $20 door draft snakes, and $300 tablecloths, I found myself saying "if I knew how to use a sewing machine, I could make one in no time..."

Any recommendations for a "starter" sewing machine?

Tracy said...


Sounds like a great resolution Kirsten! I love my Janome (DC3050). It is pretty entry level. And user friendly. Before this I used a little Singer Featherweight - which was great when I was young and moving around alot, but couldn't really handle more constant use.

Let me know how it goes!

BunkleLife said...

Long live the brassica! (brassicas weirdly a fave of Maggie - she will steal stalks of steamed broccoli if I don't keep an eye on her and walk around growling like she has caught major prey)

And would love lunch, keep me posted!

Kirsten said...

Thanks Tracy! I'll check it out... and keep you posted on my progress :)