Sunday, November 07, 2010

i like it too.

while we struggle with keeping our practice sessions on track. while we sometimes grumble about those long workshop sessions. while the dog starts to howl just seeing the violins come out of their cases. i know the girls are getting so much out of this experience.
we are coming on to a one year anniversary of suzuki violin lessons and workshop participation. we were evaluating how we feel about the program. and k presented this drawing.

I can play the violin!!!

yes, i like it too.


esther. said...


I grew up in the Suzuki method (violin). My mom taught Suzuki Piano for years (she was not my teacher) and years my older sister currently teaches Suzuki violin.

There were many instances of tears and lack of a desire to practice but now that I'm in my mid twenties I'm SO thankful that my parents not only enrolled us in this method but that they didn't back down whenever I said I wanted to 'quit.'

I love the involvement of the parents in the learning, even though it takes so much work it builds such an incredible bond not only with the child and parent but usually with the teacher as well.

So glad to hear the experience is overall positive!

Leslie said...

Hey, my guitar teacher is Michael Starr who's dad was a big promoter of the Suzuki method here in the US(William Starr I think is his name) I think it's a fascinating teaching method. I grew up playing piano and I wonder how this approach would have been like. My guitar lessons now are more like "singing around the campfire" my poor teacher!!!