Saturday, October 15, 2011


i am feeling a little like we have taken on more than we can chew this fall. we've added another activity (riding) to our repertoire and it is stretching us thin. or more likely, me thin. (hello once a week blogging! i will blame some of that on my camera loss as well. need to remedy that asap.)

i need to make some choices. or perhaps just ride it out (forgive the pun) until soccer season ends (which takes up two days / a week, but is over in another month) and see what happens... k has the most on her plate. but her personality thrives on activity & change. (she has two different teachers this year - one in the a.m. & one in the p.m. and absolutely loves it & is doing so well - where i worried it might be a problem!) girls are happy. that is my guide. the only time i see it perhaps wearing on them is when they don't get enough sleep! (i am so grateful for the strict 8:30 bedtime we have managed to keep going! i know they need it.)

they are both horse crazy. and i love the confidence, responsibility & independence that comes with horsemanship. so we will see.

Em & Sapi


house on hill road said...

it's always a fine line between just busy enough and too busy in this house. i say wait it out until soccer ends...especially since they love the horses so much. (that smile says it all!)

amy h said...

You might dig this program that one of my sister's best friend works at in LA: Taking the Reins. They work with girls on riding and gardening, and I think writing, too? We had my sister's baby shower out there, and it really seemed like a cool place.

Tracy said...

Thanks Erin :)

Sounds like an amazing program Amy! I will check it out... Thank you!

BunkleLife said...

Take it from someone who was a horsey girl (and still loves them as you know) - it's expensive, it's time consuming, but you learn sooo much about so many things (and a lot about yourself), there is nothing else like it. So glad the girls have a chance to keep up this passion!! xox

Tracy said...

Thanks Jan :) Of course I think of you often when I watch them at lessons, my horsey pal. xo