Saturday, October 22, 2011

good stuff :: and some questions...

the challenge has me finding all sorts of goodies as i clean through boxes stored long ago.

d's mom gave me a stash of quilt bits and bobs when she last moved. i'd forgotten about them. i think they would date back to the 40s and have been done by d's great grandmother on his grandfather's side. but need to confirm. (they were alongside this piece - looked at so very long ago!)

i should know more - but wonder where this one is in the process of becoming a quilt. i love the colors and think it will end up at the cottage or on one of the girls' beds.



can you see how the back is tied off with yarn? is this the last step - or is there something more to do here?

this one obviously needs to have a backing and be quilted.



the jewel tones are great. e has her eye on this one. any ideas (local?) where i could get it quilted?

so the 21 days of the aforementioned challenge have officially passed - i am still on 18 - though have done a bit of 19 inadvertently and likewise need to return to 15. i gave myself a pass on a few days that were just too busy. feeling good about it over all.


amy h said...

Those are amazing! Yeah, if it is tied, it is done, unless it doesn't have its binding around the edge yet, which would truly be the last step.

Tracy said...

I thought there was something more :) It doesn't have binding. Now to try and decide what would look best. It feels like it is made from "georgette" or at least some kind of crepe. I am thinking old dresses... Any ideas?