Monday, October 10, 2011

right now


we are recouping from a weekend that included:

a sleepover party (a late birthday celebration for Em with her two besties) that involved a make-your-own-taco bar, hp 6 and 7.1, and deep conversation around the periodic table and the mechanics of a catapult. (not what I expected when I heard them chattering at 6 a.m.)

a return to riding lessons and new riding boots (that K wore all weekend long).

missing my camera. (still sitting in the box to be sent off! must do this week!)

a school garden workday (always brings me joy).

a job application submitted (and fingers crossed).

feeling productive with my wunderlist and pomodoro.

much debate and a good start on halloween costumes. (hooray for reconnecting with my sewing machine!)

keeping up with the challenge (feels very good).

dinner and a movie with bubbie and the "little girl cousins club". (there are two generations that make up the 10 girl cousins in d's family - one that ranges from 19 - 25: "the big girls" and the other that ranges 7 - 11: "the little girls")

enjoying the changes in the garden.


(reveling in fall.)

happy monday!

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