Friday, April 20, 2012

make way for ducklings...

two big storms back we spotted a mallard couple on the field at the school... they have been frequently spotted on the schoolyard since.

today it appeared that they have a family. and that they decided to take their ducklings on a tour of the campus.


unfortunately when the bell rang, the mama got scared and flew away. she could be seen circling the school - and when things were quiet we returned the ducklings to the field. but she hasn't come back. worried that with darkness falling she wouldn't return for the night, the ducklings have found safe haven with a neighbor. we will try releasing them tomorrow in the school's pond and science garden and watch what happens.



if the parents don't return, we will have to deliver them to the nearby wildlife rescue center. it has been an adventure of a day.

update! the ducklings, mama and papa are reunited :) happy ending!


BunkleLife said...


this single spark said...

yay ducklings!

have you seen this video?

(promise it also has a happy ending!)

lisa s said...

too cute.