Monday, April 16, 2012

breaktime sewing

i took a break from writing this weekend with a quick project that has been in my "to do" file for too long.

this was super easy sewing. but considering i haven't made anything (not counting hallowe'en costumes which really don't count) since k's quickie duvet cover a year and a half ago (!) it felt like a big deal.

kindle slipcase

kindle slipcase

e loves it. it used up some of my overwhelming fabric stash.

30 minutes well spent.

pattern via charmstitch. e's kindle is a touch so i adjusted the measurements accordingly.


this single spark said...

absolutely adorable! and love the fabric.

Tracy said...

thanks :) soooo easy. do you have an e-reader? xo

this single spark said...

i do. got a kobo for my birthday. haven't used it too much yet but was great on my trip. have a knitted cozy for it, unsurpringly.