Saturday, April 28, 2012

yesterday was awesome



the weather was perfect.

we held a beautiful celebration on the schoolyard to officially open our field and garden. there was lemonade with mint from the garden. our school board member came to celebrate his long history with the project. we received a commendation for turning an "asphalt nightmare" into a "place of beauty". friends, neighbors, community members and all the school family were there. (somehow i didn't take any pictures.)

the arc of a project that began when e was in kindergarten came to a close with her weeks away from completing fifth grade.

i am so grateful for so much.

and we already have plans for what's next.


leslie said...

oh tracy, i am so inspired by you!! we have the teeniest "garden club" finally at our school but no one will even have a conversation with us about removing any asphalt to put in a garden or more plants. i'd love to see some pictures if you get a chance!! :)

Julia said...

so exciting! congrats tracy!

Tracy said...

Thanks :) I'll have to dig up some before & afters