Tuesday, June 05, 2012

once in a lifetime

having missed the transit of venus in 2004

and knowing we won't be viewing the December 2117 occurrence

transit of venus

we set up our binoculars on a tripod with a screen in our front yard and watched the progression. (the girls wore welder's glasses to full effect.)

transit of venus

quite thrilling

"... like a dime on a dinner plate ... "

transit of venus

(we built a pinhole projector to view the recent lunar eclipse - but i failed to get any pictures.)


Jeff said...

Quite thrilling indeed. Great photo. Much easier to see the phenomenon here than it was through the small viewing card that I used tonight at the local farm stand.

- Jeff.

BunkleLife said...

Jealous - it was totally cloudy up here. My brother has a sun scope, couldn't use it due to the clouds! :(

this single spark said...

We tried viewing it using my neighbour's welding goggles (which according to the net it a-okay). But couldn't really see it. Needed some sort of magnification. :[ Bit bummed but your awesome pics make up for it.