Monday, June 18, 2012

big june

june always feels like the busiest month. alongside the end-of-the-school-year celebrations (and wrap-up of various lessons for the summer break) there are numerous birthdays to celebrate (one down, one today, and one to go!), father's day (low-key perfect!), and this year a culmination.


our journey through elementary school has come to a next level. e is moving on to middle school (sigh). our public school experience has taught us all so very much. looking back, i feel very confident that we made the right decision.


today, to begin the ceremony, e's classmates - individually and in small groups - stood up and welcomed us to the event in their home language. i lost count at the 8th welcome. i, burst into tears. this sums it up for me. i know you understand.


i have watched these 3 grow up together. ("BFFAEUEE" = Best Friends Forever And Ever Until Eternity Ends.) i feel blessed that they will be venturing off to the same middle school in august.

i know middle school will hold a lot of changes for my girl. i am excited by what lies ahead - and grateful for the foundation we have built.


congrats kiddo. i am so very proud of you.


house on hill road said...

congrats to you all! middle school has its moments, but so far, for jane, it's been wonderful. xo.

this single spark said...

congratulations! ahhhh, girlfriends! the best.

BunkleLife said...

So sweet (love the shoe shot!) Congrats to all!!

Tracy said...

the best. xo