Tuesday, June 26, 2012



we are listening to a lot of old vinyl right now. i love the crackle - and the girls love searching through d's collection for intriguing titles and graphics. perfect breakfast music. we've been starting the day with classical music since the girls were babes. i love how it eases us into our day.


my summer officially starts tomorrow. i feel very fortunate that i am able to take leave from one job for a month - and take my other job with me as we head to the beach, then north.

still lots of prep to do. i'll see you soon :)


rebecca said...

classical music in the morning... what a nice image (sound?) it seems odd to just now learn of this routine, but i like that there can always be something new from our daily lives to share.

btw, calder is really into vengaboys and kinky at the moment. (you must goggle them to hear what our house sounds like if you are not already familiar.) i wonder if i could even get away with sneaking in some classical? he's very into music, i bet he'd like it.

this single spark said...

classical in the morning! what a revelation! have been HATING the CBC morning show and looking for an alternative. maybe classical would get me going and also not irritate me so much. :]

Tracy said...

c - it just makes the beginning of my day so much better! too much talk out there. with all my commuting i get enough of that.

r- i will be googling! xo