Thursday, July 26, 2012

{day 25}

day 25

day 25

day 25

day 25

day 25

yes... a day over or so over our 24 days of summer. but worth it. nocal coast is spectacular. and there were elk.

tomorrow we will follow the 101 S home.


rebecca said...

isn't it beautiful? we drove the 1/101 from santa cruz up to crescent city a few years back. took it slow. camped and cabin'ed in some awesome spots. seems so much more foggy than your island. does it get grey there in summertime too? most of the days seemed so bright and clear.

i'm sorry we missed you too! picked 12 lbs. of blues tonight in half an hour! i'm dedicating them to you guys, as, sadly, they don't ship well.

hope the day's drive tomorrow is lovely and not-too-long.

Tracy said...

we missed you and your boys too reb! we will be back ;) xo our little island was pretty sunny our entire time. a couple of rainy days - but that was it. you will have to come and check it our yourself!