Wednesday, August 22, 2012

music to run by

d signed me up for a 5K challenge. i have been spouting off how i want to run (inspired by friends in the last marathon) and he is holding me to it. you have to know up front i am not a runner. never have been. lots of walking, hiking, yoga and pilates. but never have i ran. except maybe to catch a bus back in graduate school.

but i am excited by the challenge. (he knows i love a challenge.) i have enlisted the advice of a close friend to follow this program. of course "there is an app for that". i love it. and e has joined me in the adventure.

she made a great mix to run to too:

do you love me :: guster
girlfriend :: matthew sweet
kick drum heart :: the avett brothers
kids :: MGMT
our lips are sealed :: the go-go's
video killed the radio star :: the buggles (our song of summer 2012!)
every night is friday night :: old 97s
sick of myself :: matthew sweet
we got the beat :: the go-go's
radioactive :: kings of leon

i am traveling a lot over the next two months. but i am confident i can pull this off. we will see how it goes.


totally unrelated picture. but it makes me smile. k drinking d's famous chocolate milk and doing her homework. this kid never fails to crack us all up.


cookies on the horizon :)


BunkleLife said...

good on ya girl!

petite gourmand said...

good luck with the run-and I love that pic.
so cute.
Now thats what I call a silly band collection!

Tracy said...

thanks jan :)

petite, thanks. since silly bands are out of fashion at middle school the little has inherited a bundle ;)

house on hill road said...

you can do it! trust me, i went from not running to a half marathon over the course of a few years. go! go! go!

Tracy said...

thanks erin :) you've provided inspiration already!

rebecca said...

i have been testing the running thing out too! i am SO not a runner. curious about barefoot style. we can cheer each other on!

just pie in the sky said...

Oh crap. You inspired me both to leave a comment (1st time) and to download the app. and get my rear in gear. Thanks, I think. Please leave updates on how you are doing...

Tracy said...

thanks reb and "pie"... let me know how its going! i've just finished week two - and am a little nervous about week three, which punches it up a big notch. will keep you posted ;)