Sunday, August 26, 2012


we are dealing with someone we love very much going through a very tough time related to mental illness. explaining this to the girls has been so hard. i always want to be honest and open in the most age appropriate way.

with a very perceptive and thoughtful almost 11 yr old that is often a challenge.

with an easy-going 8 yr old, a little easier.


"Bright became dim.
Glad became gloom."

i love this book. virginia woolf is one of my favourite writers and her tragic end familiar. when i saw this over the summer i picked it up immediately. (the illustrations are so lovely.) i could not have guessed that it would be so relevant and helpful a few months later.

early light

hold your loved ones close. talk. "love, love, love."


christine said...

hmmm. The Toot and Puddle "You Are my Sunshine" picture book by Holly Hobbie would be suited for a child younger than 8. I'll be interested to see what other readers suggest for older children.

house on hill road said...

hugs, tracy. xo.

Tracy said...

thanks erin. xo
christine - it is on our bookshelf! (i had forgotten.) it is a good one. i think for all of us :) thank you!

BunkleLife said...

Hugs and love your way. The challenges life throws...sigh xox

dina said...

My friend is going through the same with her son. It's been shocking, heartbreaking, and a learning experience for us all. Wishing you wisdom, good words and a strong shoulder.

lisa s said...

hug hug hug sweet lady.
do you want me to ask my uncle about age appropriate things for this? he's a child psychologist.
email me if you want.

Tracy said...

thanks all.

i may take you up on that lisa. we will see how things proceed. thank you so xo