Sunday, August 12, 2012

these days


the heat hasn't broken. our reprieve is in the pool.

but we are still checking things off the list.

closets cleaned.
backpacks ordered.
first day outfits ready.
lunches planned.
middle school carpool arranged. (middle school!)

school resumes tuesday.

summer has gone by too quickly. actually with these temps, summer is on.

it is just summer vacation that has been too short.


petite gourmand said...

you guys go back so early!
we still have 3 more weeks.
enjoy the last of it!

house on hill road said...

we're right behind you on wednesday! good luck to your girls. i hope this year is a good one for them.

Tracy said...

thanks erin.
i long for the days of going back after labour day. sigh. triple digit heat here right now seems so unfair. xo