Monday, January 07, 2013


i like the idea of a self-portrait to begin the new year.


hopes for 2013

1) 10 K

2) get back to meal planning

3) get back to composting

4) family hikes

5) bedroom & bathroom redo

6) balance

(last year)


house on hill road said...

that's a good list. happy new year, tracy!

this single spark said...

i like the idea of having the same wrist warmers as you! and of being able to raise one eyebrow (which i sadly cannot do).

excellent list! maybe i should add 5k to my list since last summer was a bust and running, well, it just hasn't happened in months. 10k might be out of the question since i won't be strapping on the runners until may.

and balance.... ya.... could use some of that too.

Regan Galvan said...

I found your blog. I see your 10K goal. Let's do it. There is still time. :)