Friday, January 06, 2012


melba & willis

a new routine

good-bye 2011

my resolutions :: 2012 edition

1) better management: of time & money & relationships
2) learn to fly
3) save more. waste less.
4) carpe diem. because it is going too fast.

thank you shari once again for inspiring...


this single spark said...

i'm down with all of those except learn to fly. like.... what kind of fly? planes? hang glider? spiritually? any of those would be huge. need more details before i have a panic attack on your behalf. ;]

shari said...

it's been wonderful looking back with you tracy. best wishes for 2012. xo

Tracy said...

thanks Shari :)

Ha! C... You picked that up. It was really for D. And a bit of an inside joke about a yellow bi-plane I saw for sale on the side of the freeway. Flying literally intrigues me - but I think this year will see more of the figurative kind... as well as having someone else do it for me ;) Happy New Year xoxoxox