Saturday, January 07, 2012

holding on :: letting go

my great-aunts, uncles and grandfather playing tennis on the farm.


where 2011 was the year of "owning it" i am working on "letting go" as my mantra for 2012.

Broadlands :: where my mom grew up. It still stands, and is owned by friends of our family.

i am often accused of being overly nostalgic. i hold on tight. and the end of the day my pockets are filled with the detrius of our adventures, mundane and otherwise. i collect bits and pieces and store them away. not just physical bits - but emotional too. i am going to work hard this year on letting go of those things that hold me back and holding tight to only that which makes me happy.

at Broadlands
a rich harvest of apples and melons from the farm. i imagine the apples being cherished through the long prairie winter as i explain to k this morning why we don't buy strawberries in january.

at Broadlands
my grandfather on the back of a percheron stallion

i love these images of my family, part of a collection passed on to me over christmas by my mom - from the albums of my great aunt, who would have turned 100 on december 27th - but passed away in the spring. i'm holding on to them...

at Broadlands
my mom, aunt, uncle and a cousin

more photos here


this single spark said...

fabulous collection. spent much of the holidays looking through my grandma's photo albums but did not get to take them home. will have to arm wrestle my sister for them. ;]

BunkleLife said...

what incredible treasures these are!!!