Saturday, January 28, 2012



i love a hot milky coffee in the morning. we use a french press - and i'll heat the milk up on the stove when i have the time.

i mentioned lisa's mukka to d in passing a few weeks ago. i am commuting. a lot. leaving the house early. and craving a latte on my long drives downtown and beyond.

look what arrived in the post this week.


thanks honey.

it really is a wonderful little coffee maker. makes a very good latte. and doesn't take up any counter space.

happy weekend! we have a full one ahead. a car in for service. the grand opening of a community school park in south la. a violin recital. and our annual meeting at church. mix a couple of playdates in there and it looks like monday will come too quickly.

(hi uncle don! mom told me you were visiting this space. so happy to know! xoxo)


Hayley said...

Been on my list for a while-definitely want. Have a lovely weekend!

lisa s said...

this is why i adore the internet.
because now we can both have frothy lattes in the AM and think of one another ! ;)

Tracy said...

Hi Hayley! Worth it. And Lisa ... xoxo