Thursday, March 07, 2013

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from the L.A. Times :)
from today's L.A. Times

The election that has consumed us for the last 6 weeks or so is over. And we won. Not by a huge margin - but by enough to feel really good about it. With millions of dollars thrown into the opposition's campaign by outside (outside of L.A.!) interests it was an incredibly tough race. In turn, our strong teachers' union backed our candidate, even though he is known to question some of their policies and actions. It was politics at its worst in my opinion - with lots of nasty ads and mailers daily from these outside groups. As I walked around our Board District I kept asking people to try and push all that aside. To take a look at the two candidates and to listen to where they stand, and to consider the experience they are bringing to the position.

What they don't mention in the L.A. Times article is the outpouring of support from parents and students for Steve Zimmer. (That's me with two other LAUSD moms standing behind him. E says we look like his back-up singers - which I guess, in a way, we are.) I think my biggest take-aways from this experience are the amazing parents and families of the LAUSD. Families who have made the choice to stick by their neighborhood public school and work to make it the best it can be.

And that there is a national movement stirring. The Charter School solution isn't panning out - and people are noticing. (See here and here and here.) It will be an interesting time. My mom always told me that our generation could be the one to make it better (take away the high stakes testing, focus on the whole child, experiential learning, social justice...) and I think she might be right. (Again!)

Finally - that kids are not too young to engage in our political goings-on. I think it is imperative that they do. Voter turnout in Los Angeles is embarrassing and I am proud that the girls saw how aware D and I were of the issues, how we asked questions, and got involved. I kept telling them that it is always a personal choice who and what you vote for - but that the important (and wonderful!) thing is that you make that choice.

As D asked this a.m. "What's next?" (I may have to get that citizenship bit taken care of so instead of just talking the talk - I too can walk the walk!)

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