Saturday, March 30, 2013

we have filled the last few days to the brim with neighborhood fun. the weather has been glorious.

this spring break felt just long enough and i think we are all ready for the final stretch of school before the summer arrives.

there was lots of hanging with friends up and down the street...



there was some serious springtime crafting...


egg carton wreath

and of course the requisite egg dying

onion skin

beets & red cabbage

we were supposed to head north for the easter weekend. i was very much looking forward to visiting dear friends in berkeley but alas, d wasn't feeling up to snuff and we had to postpone our visit. soon. soon...

and while our plans have changed, we look forward to familiar traditions and a celebration of spring...

happy easter.


rebecca said...

that egg carton wreath is cool... onto the list!

sorry you missed out on your trip north. hope d feels better soon. i guess you'll have to save my nerdy list of bay area hotspots for next time. ;)

Tracy said...

Thanks Reb. (I loved your list, and owe you an email!) xo

Sylee said...

So eager to try out an egg carton wreath now!

Regine Karpel said...

That first photo is great!