Sunday, April 07, 2013

spring planting

These are D's instructions on how to fold paper pots (circa 2009). We use them to start seedlings for our garden, and are busy folding them today.

how to fold a paper pot

We are a little late with planting this year - but I think we will make it. I've spent the last couple of weekends contemplating how to keep the chickens out of the raised beds. We have just run chicken wire around in the past - but it was looking a little shabby so I wanted to go with wattle - but would have to purchase the supplies. (Or wait for my friend John's tree to grow up again!) While D was thinning and trying to propagate our bamboo last weekend, he suggested I try a wattle-fashioned fence out of it. Here is what we have right now. I'm not exactly sure about it. But it was easy. And it was free. So we will see how it holds up.

raised beds

We've got tomatoes, zucchini, persian cucumbers in, and lettuce, basil, cilantro onions seeded. Also trying a go at luffa this year. We will start peppers, eggplant today. Peas and Beans to come... The girls also seeded their cut-flower garden last weekend. The chooks had a go at it, so time will tell.

Happy Spring.

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