Tuesday, April 30, 2013

12 hikes :: april :: Pierce College

popping back in to report on our hike... which almost escaped us once again!

a little bit of a cheat (maybe?) on this one. we hiked over to Pierce College today for their Annual Farm Walk. we are so lucky to have this campus nearby, with its great recreational facilities, its agricultural center, and its abundant wide-open spaces. while the space has been reduced in recent years, it still is a prize to have within walking distance of our home.



Pierce College
6201 Winnetka Ave
Los Angeles, 91356
Neighborhood: Woodland Hills

Proximity: 0 miles (we started from our front door!)
Hike length: 3 1/2 miles : from our front door to the gate to the Ag center is about 1 1/3 miles plus hiking around the Ag center...and home again!
Bonus features: chickens, and cows, and goats! oh my! (plus sheep shearing, horse shows, live music, and much more)
Tips: It is always hot for Farm Walk (bring water!). The rest of the year you can't explore the farm as much, but there are great trails through the campus - all pretty easy.

* * * * *
reviews to follow... must beat mayday!


Dina said...

Goodness gracious. What I wouldn't give to get a hold of that sign for my farmers market!

And to remark on your previous post - what a fabulous non-profit! As one NP employee to another, YOU make a difference!

this single spark said...

Goats! Oh, swoon! How I wish I was on that hike with you.